March 14-16, 2017


Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD



September 7-9, 2017


Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL

Booths: ????


September 13-16, 2017


Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV

Booths: 1150-1152


September 26-28, 2017


Boardwalk Beach Resort Convention Center, Panama City Beach, FL

Booth: 409


November 1-4, 2017


Gatlinburg Convention Center, Gatlinburg, TN

Booth: WLM 3016-3018


November 12-14, 2017

Roland E. Powell Convention Center, Ocean City, MD

Booth: ????

December 3-6, 2017


Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Myrtle Beach, SC

Booth: 1114-1120




   Come see us at one of our many nation wide shows. It is a great opportunity for us to meet with everyone & share product information. Always remember, catalogs are nice. However, it is always better to be able to look, feel, & in our case SMELL all of our wonderful fragrances. it is also the best way to color scheme within our many different product lines. Also, catalogs can become outdated very quickly. We also show all of our display configurations that, unfortunately, do not fit in the catalogs. If an appointment is required, please contact us for scheduling time slots.




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