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       From humble beginnings, we started manufacturing candles to sell at a local flea market as weekend entertainment. WOW have things changed! Since starting in 1997, we have now grown to one of the largest manufacturers of tropical candles and sand & shell bottles to service the beach & resort market place. Through the changes, we have remained a family business that is proud to employee almost 20 people. We take a tremendous amount of pride in supplying quality hand made products with vibrant colors & realistic tropically based fragrances. Everything is made in the U.S.A and are most importantly, competitively priced in a China driven marketplace. As the name recognition and brand name of "Koppes Kandles" continues to grow, our goal remains to be your complete source for your Beach & Resort candle needs!  
     To ensure the quality of our kandles, we test all of our products in every scent from our tea lights to our 20 oz. Jar. This is very important to guarantee that each kandle burns evenly down the sides. Our kandles are highly scented and the fragrance is consistent throughout the product line. The fragrance strengths remain unchanged - from the first lighting to the very last because our kandles are made of only the highest quality waxes, wicks, & fragrances. Due to this fact, our kandles have an outstanding burn time. We only use paper core (lead free) wicks in all of our kandles and are proud to say that we only use Paraffin wax. There are many myths surrounding the 'benefits' to soy wax. A candle is nothing more than a controlled fire, with any fire comes some amount of soot. We have found over the years that the quality of the wick & proper size there of, contributes more to a soot free candle than any thing else. Also as  important  as the ingredients are, the methods of care given to the burning candle are equally important. Candles should be kept out of a draft and the wick MUST be trimmed anytime it is longer than 1/4 inch.


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